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Why Thermal And Chemical Resistant Properties Are The Two Pillars Of Perfect Packaging?

The key purpose of the packaging is to protect the products from air, light, heat, cold, moisture, dust, dirt etc. From the time of their packaging, until they are consumed, those products should be in the best condition. Right? In Food, Beverages, Cosmetics, Home-care and Pharmaceutical products are highly sensitive products especially in temperature and chemical reactions. Although packaging design is important, packaging material for such products also plays a vital role.  Hence, the packaging is designed primarily to protect the quality of the product by inhibiting or limiting any chemical, microbiological or physical changes. Temperature and chemical process may create a detrimental effect on product quality. Eventually, it negatively affects the company name and consumer’s trust.

Maintain the safe temperature range of any product is highly important because if temperature crosses the range or falls below the range it may create a harmful effect on product quality. Heat emphasizes the oxidation and also effects the stability of products. Similarly, lower temperature often develops a negative pressure in the bottle/jar and cause marked changes in the consistency of a product. Another most critical issue is chemical reaction between the product and its packaging. The products as mentioned above are directly or indirectly related to a human body and their ingredients are like acids, alkalies, oils, fats, any type of chemicals which are highly aggressive or reactive with packaging material. If the products are chemically processed with packaging then the result is predictable like off-flavors, consistency changed, unpleasant odor and many more. Ultimately, the product is an unacceptable condition and harmful to the human body.

This way, the packaging of those products has to be designed to accommodate all the criteria. So, Thermal resistance and Chemical resistance are the most significant elements of packaging material. During finalized any packaging, firstly, check whether the packaging is safe for your product or not. The material must have the tendency to resist chemical process and temperature variations. Hence, ignore the ordinary packaging solution and trust only who gives Unmatched Quality of packaging products. Prayas-Infinite Innovations, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company offers consistently the top quality and innovative packaging solution for all the sectors of industries. Our packaging products are made with the virgin raw material and give the best thermal resistance and chemical resistance without leakage. Our state of art manufacturing facilities gives confidence in product quality. Have a look the product portfolio and contact us on or drop your inquiry on

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