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Plastic Caps or Packaging – an art and science in 2018

Just imagine in a month, how many packed things do we consume? The answer is easy! We consume at least one thing in a day that is properly packed, whether it is the milk or oil in some jar having flip top caps or any plastic bottle caps or packaging is done using some other material, or bread packed in plastic or paper bags, or any another edible item.

Next question, how many times in a year or so do we shop online? On an average, the majority of the population orders something online at least once a year. On the other side, there is the population who are frequent users of online services.

Imagine your parcel breaking in the transit r the milk spilling out while you are yet to reach home. It is very annoying and unhygienic. Yes, Packaging matters! In 2018, we are only observing an increasing trend of online shopping with consumer’s inclination towards sustainability. Moreover, there is also a high demand for elegant and sleek design of the packaging.

This brings us to an interesting discussion whereas we see it- Packaging is not just a science but an art too! Let us look at some of the reasons with examples.

As we pointed out previously too, online shopping has increased and the number of online buyers is only increasing. And why not! It is easier, time-saving and convenient. So, here if you are a small-scale or mid-scale company, then you have one chance to impress your viewer with good packaging, probably using an elegant color scheme and nice material. And secondly, you have the chance to turn that viewer to loyal customer by shipping a good product with premium quality packaging.

Would you like to receive nice quality chocolates in a half ripped or a pack with a hole? Not really! See, packaging matters. Moreover, the way you display or hint your product on the packaging with clear labels will attract you more customers. With the online industry estimated to be around billions of dollars, this is one important aspect you must look out for.

Next, when we look at consumer’s point of view, who doesn’t like flexible packaging? Reducing freight cost is every manufacturer’s priority. Flexible packaging is not only popular because of its less freight cost while shipping, but also because it fits into the customer’s lifestyle where it increases reusability and affordability.

If you are a company that believes in customisation then you can easily incorporate sustainability as one of your business best points. You can experiment with the labels and your designs and add an outshining element. It all ultimately boils down to your product, of course. However, packaging is one factor that many people tend to take for granted. There is just so much creativity you can do with presenting your product in a nicely packed manner. Having good experience in packaging industry, we can say that a good product teamed with good presentation, is sure to get instant acceptance from the consumers. We say this with experience. Have you got any requirement or idea for packaging your product? Discuss it with us and we will provide you the best solution. Especially for liquid packaging, we manufacture the custom Plastic Bottle Caps, Jar caps, Flip top caps, Flip top bottle caps in different industries like FMCG, Food & Beverage, Dairy, chemical, Consumer Goods, Lubricants, Cosmetics, Households and Pharmaceutical Industry.

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