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The Mist sprayers maintain uniformity and consistency till the last drop of liquid

This blog subjects a unique product of packaging industries; a plastic Fine Mist Sprayer. The plastic mist spray pump has a special application like the liquid or low viscous product are atomized in the sprayer and sprayed out in a wide and controlled pattern. Well, the sprayer is highly recommended for personal care and cleaning products that deliver a fine mist spray when user operates. But, the same Plastic Mist spray pump could not use commonly; for an instance, perfume sprayer and household cleaner liquid sprayer has different purpose hence, perfume sprayer needs to small coverage area while other one needs quite higher area comparatively. That’s the reason, it possesses a unique position i.e most essential part of cosmetic and packaging industries.

In the packaging industry, there are a plethora of designs available. The amount of liquid release per stroke and quality (Coverage area) is determined by the Mist Sprayer Pump. The Mist Sprayer mechanism contains several key components like an actuator, mechanism, a dust-cap and a dip tube. The actuator is quite different than an actuator on a Lotion Pump, the actuator of a Fine Mist Sprayer consists of internal components to create the specific misting pattern of the product being sprayed.

Prayas infinite innovations is a well-known Mist Spray Pump manufacturer, provides several patterns of sprayer by various types of orifices. The range is varying on narrow to wide angle and output volume. Hence, the company caters a wide range of such products which have designed and manufactured with instance care. The application factors such as angle of spray, the volume of liquid, the viscosity of liquid, coverage area, pressure and pattern of droplets which have considered before producing. Even more, the operation of pressing mist sprayer is also must be comfortable enough for the user till the existence of liquid. Prayas provides a wide array of options in colour and design. Even the Fine Mist Sprayers have locking features to prevent accidental dispensing.

Key features of Prayas Plastic Mist Spray Pump:

–    Environment-friendly material

–    Leak proof

–    Flawless Finish

–    Attractive Colour options

–    Precise Dimension

–    Economical

–    Easy to operate

–    Appealing Design

–    Manufactured with Virgin plastic

–    High durability

–    Consistence of performance till last drop of the liquid

The Mist Spray Pump can be ordered in bulk. If you need any assistance to find right sprayer pump for your product, contact the packaging experts to on email or go through

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