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Lotion pump the highest demanding product of cosmetic industries

The cosmetic pump has now become an indispensable part of our life. In fact, we use those lotion pumps in daily routine. Let’s say moisturizer, shampoo, hand wash, antibacterial form, body wash and many more which are available in such kind of package.

Now, what is the reason behind the specific design? Think if hand wash liquid to pour in any ordinary type of bottle then is it give you that comfort? Obviously not. So here to make the operation of dispense adequate volume of liquid in just less effort the packaging company introduce such kind of lotion pump. Prayas infinite innovations is pioneer for the range of lotion pump manufacturer in pan India. The pump consists of several parts an actuator, head, nozzle and many other parts. The actuator is key part of the mechanism to dispense the liquid from the bottle. Some of the actuators have a small cream tip nozzle which allows the product to be dispensed accurately onto a fingertip. The design of the head can be change as per requirement of client and some designs are available. The plastic lotion pumps can be designed to deliver a different output of liquid. Change in neck size, pump dose, tube length and colour able to match with customer’s need of soap dispenser pump or cream pump.

Prayas offers various type of lock system for a lotion bottle pump for an instance Lockup, twist lock and lock down. Even more, assorted colours and attractive designs catch the eyes of customers. Silver or gold coating is available on demand. All the plastic parts made from the virgin plastic to give best quality of products to end-user.

Key features of Prayas lotion pump:

–    Eco-friendly material

–    Zero leakage

–    Compatible with high demanding bottle designs

–    Spotless Finish

–    Captivated Colours

–    Dimensional accuracy

–    Easy in operation

–    Economical

–    Stylish Design

–    Made from Virgin material

–    Locking system

–    Durability

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