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How Look and Quality of Lip Balm Container is so Important?

Lip balm is the top selling and highly demanding cosmetic product because it is an essential consumable item. Even those who claim that they don’t use cosmetics regularly will acknowledge that they use lip balm daily.  Winter season brings the highest market for Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical & Ayurvedic Industry with the lip balm. It is not limited to females but it is equally consumed by males. So, how strong is the market? When lots of brands come up with variations of lip balm, how much is it important to set your brand apart from the other? One of the best solutions of those questions is to focus on the lip balm container and pack your product in an attractive container that gives your product a position in the consumers’ favorite product list. You may think that lip-balm containers serve the mere purpose of storing the balm. But, that’s not true. Let’s see how?

Any of the beauty product is firstly judge on the aesthetic look. A nicely packed product will definitely stand out from the competitors’ products and impress consumers. Another prospect of consumers is the container’s operation. The lip balm stick container allows users to control the opening of the product with just twisting the bottom part. Many times, consumers complain that the product has got stuck at a certain point and it’s just wastage of the product. The container should give a consistent operation that the right amount of product can be delivered with a minimal mess. The durability of the container is also equally important with considering accidental drop or extreme temperature. The container protects the stick of product from high temperature and sudden thrust.

So, it is only inevitable that the cosmetic manufacturers packed their lip-balm in the containers having a wonderful design and best quality. Prayas Innconcepts Pvt Ltd India based innovative lip-balm container manufacturer offers the lip-balm containers that qualify all of the above criteria. These lip-balm containers give you a good sense of confidence due to good quality material and innovating designs. They have a wide range of packaging solutions which are Ready to Go!  However, they also provide customization facilities to match your requirement. With innovating designs these chapstick containers unquestionably catch the attention of consumers.

How the Prayas Lip Balm Stick Container fits in all the criteria?

–    Good temperature resistance

–    High durability

–    Virgin and pollution free high-quality plastic

–    Fascinating Design

–    Easier to use

–    Aesthetically valuable

Prayas is the one-stop solution for innovative packaging where you definitely get Customer-Centric Approach, Prompt Deliveries, Error-free Logistics and most importantly Quality Assurance.  They have the potential to work as a partner to finish any task or project like product development, designing, mold designing and even marketing.

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