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Laminated Tubes- Benefits and Application Industries

Laminated Tubes – Though the technical term might not ring a bell for many people, toothpaste tube will surely do!

Probably one of the first things maximum people see after waking up is a laminated tube! Yup, the toothpaste! However, the application of pharmaceutical laminated tube is not limited, like when some makeup cream packed in a tube. In fact, there are many other pharmaceuticals as well as medical products that are packaged inside a tube.

There are different types of materials that are packaged inside a tube. Depending on its different properties and behavior, the most relevant material is used i.e. either ABL or PBL. Having an extensive knowledge about the different laminated tubes and their use, and also to ensure the best protection for the product, we advise our clients with the best solution.

Aluminium Barrier Laminate (ABL) consists of aluminium as the barrier. This type of pharmaceutical laminated tube is best for materials that are sensitive.

Plastic Barrier Laminate (PBL) comprises of the different plastic elements and Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer (EVOH) barrier. EVOH is primarily used in applications where the packaging needs to look extra attractive, especially cosmetic products.

For a complete packaging solution, every laminated tube has a cap and shoulder for closure. It so designed to strengthen the packaging as a whole. They also come in diverse shapes and type like Flip Top Caps, Stand up Caps, and Conical Caps.

Benefits of Laminated Tubes

  • ABL type tubes combine the positive aspects of metal and plastic
  • Aluminium used has property to remain inactive or neutral while coming in contact with any other product
  • They provide tough barrier properties protecting its ingredients from air, light, and moisture.
  • The aluminium used in the tube have recyclability property
  • ABL Tubes combine the positive aspects of metal and plastic
  • Aluminium used in ABL tube has property to remain inactive or neutral while coming in contact with any other product
  • PBL tubes are damage-free even after many deformations or heavy bending
  • They possess excellent barrier properties to the aroma, oxygen, and water-vapour
  • The outer most the material allows printing of premium type of artwork as well as decoration which lasts long and doesn’t damage even after rough use
  • The products remain in hygienic condition and toxin-free in both types of tubes
  • They are tamper-resistant
  • They are comparatively light-weight
  • They are anti-corrosive
  • These tubes can be moulded easily
  • They provide longer shelf-life to the products
  • They are cost-effective

Here are the industries which most commonly use this solution along with the various advantages of doing so:

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic

The many products made by the pharmaceutical companies requires the packaging to be a sturdy and effective barrier to light, moisture, oil, outside chemicals, and even microorganisms. Here, Aluminium Laminated tube comes to rescue by providing just the exact qualities and serve as an excellent packaging solution.


Different types of industrial products like chemicals such as adhesives, lubricants or food products need tube options which comply with the specific requirements. Both the ABL and PBL can be useful here meeting those needs as per the market standards.

The most basic application is found in packaging toothpaste, cosmetics, shaving creams, certain chemical lubricants, medical ointments, cold cream and also food products such as sauces, cheese and so on.
To add to the existing technical advantages, these tubes can also have custom prints and coloring to make it more brand-relevant.

We at Prayas, are one of the leading manufacturers of wide range of packaging applications. With the right technology and talent in place, we are able to devise the most suitable industrial packaging applications for our clients. We do provide customized support for any business looking for a uniquely crafted packaging solution. To know more about this sustainable packaging solution and adapt it for your product, you can contact us on +9179-48983636 or email us at


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