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Dispensing Mechanism An Indispensable Part Of Packaging..

Packaging of any Product plays a most important role in dispensing or applying the product. Some of the products need a simple mechanism to dispense a define and accurate amount of dose. Pharmaceutical products, Cosmetic products, Home-care products, Food, Beverages and Household products need various type of closure that fulfills the specific requirements. Pump, Foam Pump, Sprayer, Dropper, Applicator, Flip Top, Pull-Push and many more types of mechanisms are needed as per the product.

Being a product supplier of multiple products, it is impossible to sell the product with a uniform type of packaging. Let’s say, can you sell the product which should be filled in a spray pump and you filled in a regular bottle? If you are the customer and want to purchase a product which must require a spray pump to use the product. Which product do you select? The product which packed in sprayer bottle or the product which packed in the conventional simple bottle without any sprayer. I am sure you will choose the first product. Right or wrong?

This is the necessity of applicator or dispenser in packaging. Without that, your product can’t beat the tough market competition. Even, advanced and fun into functionality also help you to impress consumers. It works like the cherry on the cake. The customers always prefer to buy the product which is packed in an attractive package and even it gives them an experience of fun, comfort and eases while using the product. If you are thinking to launch or relaunch any product, then you should always give priority to the requirement of customers and their prospects.

The various sources of the packaging solutions are available in the market. However, the durability of packaging and flawless, long-lasting dispensing mechanism is the essential requirement of product packaging. If the unit of dispensing is failed to sustain till the empty container, then the product is not useful for the client and it may break the trust on the product or the brand just because of poor packaging.

Prayas Infinite innovations, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, is profound packaging manufacturer offers several types of PET / PP Closures, Caps, Pumps and Sprayers along with a myriad of color options and finishes. Prayas gives your product a startling touch in packaging is keep you ahead in your market. They have rich experience of working with various industries like FMCG, Food & Beverage, Dairy, Chemical, Consumer Goods, Lubricants, Cosmetics, Households and Pharmaceutical Industry. Call the experts on or drop your inquiry on for any of your packaging requirement. The domain expert can only offer you tailored packaging solution and any other solution related to design, manufacturing and marketing as well.

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