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Different types of the Plastic pump and Sprayer popular for dispensing in cosmetic industries

Yes, we truly said that It is Plastic era. In today’s life without Plastic is impossible. Nowadays Plastic is playing the major role in cosmetic packing industries because Plastic is chemical resistance, durable, cheap and easy to carry. There are different types of the Plastic pump which use in cosmetic products because a Plastic pump is easy to use and hygiene and they do not make contact with the air. Most of the components are made from polypropylene (PP). All pump has a lock or relocks system so that’s why there will be no wastage of the product. Four types of plastic pumps are Lotion Pump, Foam Pump, Serum Pump, Mist Spray Pump. 

Lotion pump is the popular dispensing method in personal and beauty care products for thick liquids. It has come in many different shape and size as per the requirement of product. It is mainly used in pharma & cosmetics products like hand- face-body-wash, Shampoo, Sanitiser etc.

Foam Pump is dispensing device which is a non-aerosol way of dispensing liquid materials. The foam pump outputs the liquid in the form of a foam.  Most of the foaming pump comes with a protective cap. Foam pump is widely used in the various cosmetic application (face and Body wash and shaving cream) and household activities.

Serum Pump comes with accurate dimension and elegant design. It is user-friendly. It’s mostly used in the cosmetics industry and various pharmaceuticals products like Hair Oil, Hair Serum, Rosewater.

Mist Spray pump is common for personal care and cleaning products. Mist means small droplet, so it delivers a fine mist spray when the consumer is dispensing the product. Mist spray pump is used for Glass cleaner, mist spray, and cologne.

Pocket Perfume Card Sprayer and Pen Sprayer are smallest size of hand perfume but give very effective performance. It is made of high quality tested material and available all sizes and colours. It is easy to carry, so it become very popular nowadays.

Prayas-Infinite Innovations is committed to driving brand loyalty and professional services for our customers with quality products. We are specialist in high quality designed and highly durable plastic packaging with time-to-time delivery as well as maintaining customer satisfaction.

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