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How to Deal With Leakage Issue..?

If you are Cosmetics, Home-care, Pharma, Household, Food and Beverages manufacturer, how much is it important for you to keep the packaging sealed? Do you spend huge money behind leakage tests but, still struggling for leakage free packaging? If your product is in liquid form or contents liquid, then the most critical issue is the packaging without leakage.

It is true that packaging type may vary with products like perfumes, oils, home cleaning liquids, syrups, beverages and other endless products. There is no room to compromise with packaging in terms of leakage. Because it affects the shelf life of the product which not only creates an issue to the manufacturer but also to the consumers. Although there are several causes of leakage, most of the time leakage occurs from the gap between the cap/closure and the bottle/jar/any type. Leakage could be a minuscule hole or just a half diameter of a human hair but, for in terms of packaging, it is considering as a poor packaging.  The product should be leak-proof right from the product filled and packed in your company to reach end-users’ hands. Even the packaging should be so precise that it shouldn’t be leak after regular or interval use. In other terms, the life span of the packaging should be long enough till the end of the product. The package has to pass a very long journey in various conditions like transporting, storage, handling, and lastly operation without leakage.

If a package has leakage, then this could have serious consequences in terms of:

  • Reduced shelf life
  • Poor customer satisfaction
  • Trust on the products
  • Damage to the brand name
  • Recall of product

Reduce shelf life is the most critical situation because due to leakage the air and the liquid or product keep in contact. The minor hair line or pin size gap is enough to enter air into the liquid and it may create a chemical reaction and/or Bacterial development in the product. This condition degrades the product before the expiry date. Hence, if it uses then harmful to the customers and ultimately affects trust in the brand or product.

These problems could result in significant costs to the company. So it is vital that appropriate packaging especially closure should be perfectly fit. PRAYAS INNCONCEPTS PVT LTD is a renowned company for a comprehensive range of leak-proof Plastic Closures, Plastic Caps, PP & PET Preforms – Bottles & Pumps. They cater to a wide range of industries with various standard and customized size. For leak-proof packaging solution email or visit

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