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CAP of Fridge bottle, indispensable part, make the bottle perfect and unique

Fridge Bottle can be any shape and any size but the purpose is just to store water. But, the Fridge Bottle Cap makes each bottle unique from other bottles. Let’s consider when clients choose any Fridge bottle, what are the criteria they considered? Think little about it.

The first and foremost the fridge water bottle cap must be leak-proof in any condition, most of the time after a certain period leakage problem in the fridge bottle is the most common issue. In such condition, ultimately the bottle has become unusable. The second one is the operation of pouring water must be user-friendly. If it is not easy to open or close, then the purpose of the bottle is not fulfilled. Next the most important is the grip of the cap to open and to close the bottle. If the fridge bottle cap is without adequate griper on the cap, then to open or close the special attention and extra efforts require which make clients irritate. In addition, some fridge bottle has a handle for easy to carry for instance sports utility. This is just a general criterion but technically there are several other specifications to be considered. Such as type of plastics, durability, finish colour, size and many more. These all are key points must be considered. Ultimately, bottle cap design is crucial and significant because of listed points must be covered to be multi-tasking, along with aesthetical beautification.

PRAYAS INNCONCEPTS PVT LTD is a renowned company for a comprehensive range of Plastic Closures, Plastic Caps, PP & PET Preforms – Bottles & Pumps. Their caps cater to a wide range of industries like FMCG, Food & Beverage, Dairy, Chemical, Consumer Goods, Lubricants, Cosmetics, Households and Pharmaceutical Industry. The expertise in manufacturing and supplying of the fridge bottle cap is illustrated from their verities. Such as, Fliptop Caps, DC Ring Caps, Flower Caps, R-Ring Caps, Stainless Steel Caps, Plain Star Caps, Chipware Caps, Pull-Push Caps, Fliptop Cap with Holder, Liquor Neck Caps, Simple Caps, Crown Caps, Crush Caps, Round Head Caps, Fridge Bottle Glasses, Sports Bottle Caps, Sunflower Caps and Fridge Bottle Glass Caps. While, the most demanding caps are PP Fridge Bottle Caps, Pet Fridge Bottle Caps and Fridge Bottle Flip Top Caps.

The Key features of the Prayas fridge bottle caps:

  • Classy design
  • Extensive colour options
  • Made from virgin plastic
  • zero leakage
  • Eco-friendly-recyclable
  • Cost-effective
  • Dimensionally precise
  • Captivated finish
  • Perfect fit (ideal for PET / PP Fridge Bottles)
  • Available in standard bottle sizes
  • High strength
  • Durable

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