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Welcome to PRAYAS

Need innovative and easy packaging solutions? Have a requirement for custom packaging solution? Looking for all of that at an affordable price? You have come at just the right place!

Starting the journey back in 2016, since then Prayas has come a long way and emerged as a reputed leader dealing in Plastic Closures, Plastic Caps, PP & PET Preforms – Bottles & Pumps for packaging solutions in different industries like FMCG, Food & Beverage, Dairy, Chemical, Consumer Goods, Lubricants, Cosmetics, Households and Pharmaceutical Industry.

What began with just an idea, was slowly nurtured into a profitable business with the support and expertise of our special team members who bring their rich experience to the work which results in superior customer service when it comes to ideal packaging solutions.

We not just manufacture, supply but we continuously learn which puts us in the best position to come up with ideas that can be manifested. We go deep into the intricacies of the science of packaging and take into consideration not just the material but the entire process including the design, colour and look. All because we are committed to endowing superior quality solutions. Our team is well-equipped to provide professional consultation and can confidently answer to all your queries. You can get to know our business a little better by looking at our solutions and talking with our experts. We are also sensitive towards environment sustainability and thus dedicate our time to evolve friendly options for diverse business needs. If you are looking for best customer experience in the industry, it is right here! And we will continue to serve the best.

That is exactly the ideology we have. Efforts convert an idea into reality. It further drives growth and instills strength.


Built on the foundation of beliefs and the passion to achieve desirable, efficient, effective results, “Prayas” means to excel in all the areas. And we envision nothing but global growth in delivering complete solutions to every packaging need.

To achieve our goals, we intend to adapt the best of technologies, process and work collaboratively with the industry leaders. Not only do we aim to optimize work but we commit to deliver value to our client.


Fulfilling client’s requirements in a cost-effective manner with premium quality is our foremost focus. By staying updated with latest technology, we put all our efforts in meeting the growing demands and trends.

A team of expert professionals at work ensure to provide the industry best outputs. They not only optimise the process, but also dedicatedly work to deliver value to the clients. Our strength lays in the knowledgeable team that work under tight deadlines and which understands sustainability very well.

Company Values

“Prayas”, in Hindi, means to achieve extensive, efficient and result in oriented efforts to outperform in all areas, hence “Prayas” is our “key strength” for accomplishing our “organizational goals”.

Drive Long-term Objectives

Prayas has a long-term objective to enable product value addition, high-class consultancy, and grow as per emerging trends to attain a status of offering flexible packaging solutions globally.

Resource Optimization

It is crucial to realize and support good talents that can contribute positively in any manner. Prayas provides training and development programs as an open platform to actual practitioners to accomplish individual and organisational goals.

Innovative Abilities

Everything good comes from repetition and everything great comes from innovation. To make our services easily accessible and convenient, we are in process of implementing new shipping process similar to e-commerce. The aim is to reduce total lead time, lower the costs, optimise response, delivery and distribution and measure customer satisfaction.

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