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Never Underestimate the Influence of Jar Cap.

Many times we never realize the importance of small and simple products or objects around us. Let me give you a perfect example of the same such as a Plastic Jar Cap. You can see that without a perfect jar cap any jar has become worthless whether the jar is expensive or not. Although, it is a small sized, it is very essential to make any jar attractive and make it complete. Cap of any jar has evolved astonishingly from wooden cap to PP (Polypropylene) Caps.  Well, polypropylene has enormous beneficial features over other materials which make the material ideal for caps. Many times, it has observed that some stylish cap does not work effectively during operation due to their design flaws and material quality.

Basically, while design any cap, it is significant to understand the application of the jar. The key role of a cap is to protect the product which has filled into the jar. The application like ghee jar and pickle jar need such type of cap, which can give excellent sealing otherwise, considers as a poor packaging. Ultimately, it affects the quality of product and eventually company may lose their clients. Another design aspect is that the cap should be easy to operate by adding extra features like knurling. This gives additional grip to the user and help during opening and closing jar. Apart from that, some application likes food products- chocolate or toffee, biscuit jar packaging need the Handle Jar Cap to enhance the handling and operating experience. Along with all those features, the design of Plastic Jar Caps should be classy which make jar more elegant.

Prayas Infinite innovation, leading supplier and manufacturer of plastic packaging solution, provides the ultimate quality of cap with various shape and colour options. The portfolio of the Jar Cap is such a wide that you find it beyond imagination. The caps have verities in neck diameter, neck size(standard and short), weight (light and heavy) and vibrant colours. They have designed caps such a way that those fulfil the application, for example, Dom Jar Caps and Step Dom Jar Caps have specially designed for ghee jar. Even Pickle Jar Caps, Confectionery Jar Caps, Handle Jar Caps are the most demanding products. Perfection in design and purity of material are the prime focus of Prayas. Moreover, for Prayas, quality product and superior customer service are on the first priority.  Even, they facilitate their clients by giving service of engraving/embossing/branding jobs for bulk order.

Clients trust on Prayas because, caps has features like

  • Guaranteed virgin plastic
  • No leakage
  • Perfection in Dimensions
  • Immaculate finish
  • Amazing colour options
  • Eco-friendly
  • Chemical resistance
  • Cost effectiveness

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